This Canadian Electric Car Earns Money When Parked

Everyday companies come up with propositions for the electric vehicle (EV) arena that blur the lines between utility and novelty. While some EVs can crabwalk across the road or post ridiculous 0-100 km/h times, others are supposedly smart enough to actually make money.

The latter feature is in a new Canadian EV prototype called the Daymak Spiritus. It is an all-electric three-wheeled car with the capability to mine several types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, while parked and idling.

Mike Chow, the Vice President of Research and Development for Daymak Inc., posted the video of the EV’s first test drive via his social media and Youtube accounts. He is known for his work as an actor, stunt coordinator, and production manager in various Hollywood blockbusters such as The Day After Tomorrow, Pacific Rim, and Bulletproof Monk.

Other Features

The Spiritus is a two-seater high-tech EV with advanced features such as autonomous driving capability, Wi-Fi connectivity, air-conditioning, a 12-speaker stereo system, and solar panels that allow for additional slow charging. It also has high-speed charging capability (under two hours for full charge), a GPS alarm system, and a reverse camera, among other amazing features including the ability to travel up to 480 km on a single charge.

This three-wheeled EV is available in two variants — Spiritus Deluxe and Spiritus Ultimate. The former is a base variant that costs $22,995 when fully optioned, and the latter is a high-end variant that racks up an eye-watering bill of $149,000. The reason for the huge price tag is unknown as both variants have the ability to mine cryptocurrency.

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