Top 10 Used Cars in Pakistan that People Love to Modify

Car enthusiasm in Pakistan is quite limited. Most people look at cars as mere tools that serve their basic transportation needs. That is why most automakers only sell the most rudimentary cars in Pakistan.

The cars that are exciting out of the box, such as a Honda Civic RS, are often too expensive. With an industry devoid of cheap, factory-built cars that offer a fun factor, enthusiasts have to get creative and make standard cars fun

Some cars are quite popular among enthusiasts for being easy to modify. This article will list the top ten used cars that Pakistanis love to modify:

Note: This is not a guide on how to modify a car. It is only a list of modified cars that you will spot most often in Pakistan as per various forums and automotive communities.

Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran has become a legend in Pakistan, mainly because of its long years of service. It is also the first car of many young adults in our country, several of whom are enthusiasts.

A Mehran can be seen with all sorts of crazy modifications, from Lamborghini-style scissor-doors to a slammed suspension, with a custom exhaust being a mandatory add-on. However, most of the mods on a Mehran are just cosmetic, as the little hatchback doesn’t take kindly to performance upgrades.

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