Toyota Corolla to Get a Facelift Soon

Toyota is intending to give Corolla a mid-generation facelift, with the latest version expected to arrive in Japan this October with minor cosmetic and technology improvements.

The redesigned Corolla series will coincide with the GR Corolla hatchback, which is also anticipated to be launched later this year.

The current Corolla (12th generation) was released in 2018, and while the sales of Toyota’s compact model seem to be solid, an upgrade will be perfect to keep up with the demand. It is noteworthy that its rivals such as VW Golf and Honda Civic have gotten new generation models since the Corolla was debuted.


The exterior of the facelifted Corolla will not be altered significantly, according to Creative Trend, and the only changes will be new headlamps and rear lights, as well as a modified grille and an enhanced color scheme.

Apart from the Corolla Hatchback, Corolla Touring Sports will receive similar treatment and the sedan will be designed differently according to the target market.


Consumers want technology nowadays, and given that the majority of competing cars in the compact market offer digital cockpits, it is logical for Toyota to follow suit. The Corolla is currently available with both a 4.2-inch and a 7-inch instrument cluster display. Although its size will be increased to 12.3-inches, much like the European Corolla Cross.

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