Toyota Discontinues Prius Hybrid in Australia

Toyota has announced to discontinue the Prius hybrid series in Australia, though production continues for other markets around the world. The Prius paved the way for the electrification of mass-market cars in general, and was arguably one of the most important cars of the last quarter-century.

It’s a sign of the times that the most important hybrid vehicles today are the crossover SUVs. The popularity of pioneers such as the Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ioniq has waned in recent years, with their places taken up by hugely-popular high-riding alternatives such as the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. The hybrid technology of Prius was made available on more mainstream Toyota models such as the Camry, Corolla, C-HR and the Kluger which also resulted in the loss of sales of Prius over the period of time.

2022 Toyota Prius 1001x5651 1

Launched in October 2001 (exactly 4 years after being unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show), it was only the second modern hybrid vehicle to be sold in Australia. Since then, the Prius notched up 20,847 units sold in Australia across its four generations. In addition, its Prius C hatchback and Prius V people-mover bumped the figure up to 35,947, although both were killed off in the past two years due to low sales.

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