Toyota GR Corolla Could Offer An Automatic Transmission

The Toyota GR Corolla is a very interesting automotive subject. We know it’s coming, and actually, we know quite a bit about it thanks to Toyota. And yet, there hasn’t been a single mention of the GR Corolla by name. Even Toyota’s teaser campaign steers clear of direct or indirect mentions of something coming, instead dropping clues within photos or videos featuring other cars.

That’s partly why we’re sharing this interesting rumor of an automatic-equipped GR Corolla, coming from Best Car in Japan. We already know the hot hatchback will feature a manual transmission, and not a paddle-shift affair either. A previous teaser video offered a fleeting but clear glimpse of three pedals and a stick, likely the same six-speed manual used for the GR Yaris. It’s the only transmission available on that car, and with the GR Corolla using the same powertrain, the manual transmission isn’t really a surprise.

Of course, the GR Yaris isn’t offered in North America, a land where automatic transmissions are available on virtually every new vehicle. The GR Corolla will grace US shores, which is why we share this rumor with the masses because frankly, it makes sense to offer an automatic in a market where such gearboxes dominate.

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