Toyota IMC Planning to Launch a Corolla X 1.6 Special Edition

The Toyota Indus Motor Company is known for offering a wide range of trim levels for its vehicles, including a rare few ‘Special Edition’ (SE) trim levels as well.Advertisement

A reliable source from the market has informed that the company is planning to launch an SE variant of the Toyota Corolla X 1.6. ALSO READ PM Lauds Toyota IMC’s Plan for Local Manufacturing of Hybrid Vehicles

Although details about the new variant are sparse, the source reported that it will have all the features of the Corolla Altis Grande, with the exception of a 1.8-liter powertrain.

The source added that the price of the Corolla X 1.6 SE will be similar to the starting price of the Corolla X 1.8 CVT-i (non-Grande variant), which is around Rs. 3.5 million.

Although there is no official word on the launch of the vehicle, the company plans to launch it in the final quarter of the current year. ALSO READ MG Responds to Govt Inquiry About Delayed Vehicle Deliveries

While the 1.6 Corolla X is still in a class of its own in terms of pricing, it is possible that the new variant will be positioned to go up against the 6th Generation Honda City Aspire 1.5.

An argument can be made that the Corolla X 1.6 SE may be sold at a premium of Rs. 400,000 over the price of the City Aspire 1.5, but the addition of the Altis Grande’s premium comfort and tech features are likely to allow Toyota to sway the City Aspire 1.5 buyers towards itself.

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