Toyota Launches Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Supra

Toyota keeps improving its most popular sports car, Supra — the reborn generation that was first introduced in 2020 — and is now tinkering with the 2022 model by adding advanced technology and packaging changes to it.

This time, the company is offering a limited-edition variant called ‘A91-CF’ as per its announcement last week. The CF stands for carbon fiber because its inclusion differentiates this version from the other Supras.

Interestingly, only 600 customers from North America will get a chance to own one of them.

What’s New in Supra A91-CF?

As the CF in its name indicates, carbon fiber is used on the exterior of the A91-CF edition. It can be seen on the rocker, rear spoilers, lower canards, and front splitter, which Toyota claims will add to the downforce at higher speeds.

The interior has a two-toned red and black theme and a touch of carbon fiber trim. The wheels in this limited edition are 19-inch alloys that are painted matte black and give the car a sporty look.

Supra A91-CF is powered by a BMW-made 3.0-liter turbocharged I6 engine that produces 365 lb-ft of torque and 382 hp. While Toyota will continue to produce Supra with smaller 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 engines that produce 295 lb-ft torque with 255 hp. Just like before, Supra is rear-wheel drive with an eight-speed automatic transmission.Advertisement

The minor upgrades in Supra 2022 include a full-screen display that supports Apple Carplay, but it still lacks Android Auto. Also, heated seats are now standard in Supra 3.0 variants.

Supra Model Prices

The pricing for the base trim of Supra 2.0 has surged by $200, inclusive of a delivery cost of $1,025, which makes it $44,315 in total. The price for the 3.0 variant has escalated by $550, with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MRSP) of $52,665 along with the destination cost.

The 3.0 premium edition Supra costs $55,815, inclusive of all charges, while the A91-CF limited-edition is priced the highest of all, starting from $64,305, in consideration of its limited production of 600 units for all of North America.

Toyota Supra has a huge fan base as it gained a lot of fame after being featured in the Fast and Furious. Ergo, it is no wonder that Supras have always managed to turn heads since it was introduced.

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