Toyota Pakistan Adds New Features to Fortuner and Hilux With a Big Price Increase

Toyota Indus Motors has revised the prices of the Toyota Hilux Revo and the Toyota Fortuner on account of their new features. It stated that the new features and revised prices will be applicable from 1 February 2022 onward, and has upgraded the features of these cars according to their trim levels.

Here are the revised prices of all the variants:

Customers who had booked vehicles recently will now have to pay a little extra for the upgraded features installed in their cars if they are delivered after the mentioned period.

Toyota Fortuner

The 2.8 Sigma 4 is Fortuner’s most expensive trim level and will now be equipped with Clearance Sonar and front and rear parking sensors that will help with parking in congested parking lots. It will also feature dual climate control, which means the driver and passengers will be able to adjust the AC airflow according to their requirements.

The Toyota Fortuner 2.7 (V) will also have the same Clearance Sonar feature besides dual climate control. It is also the only variant to include a 4×4 differential lock feature that distributes equal power to all the wheels without using excessive power.

The lowest trim level, the Fortuner 2.7 (G), will only have one new feature — the dual-zone AC climate control like the higher trims.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota has equipped the upcoming Revo V AT with the Clearance Sonar that comes with parking sensors on the front and rear, along with dual-zone climate control.

The Hilux E will now have a new center console that will add to the comfort of the driver, and the company is also offering a front sliding seat option that will make the passenger and driver seats slide from the base to make seating postures more comfortable.

Despite being pricy, these vehicles are considered some of the most reliable cars available in the market. The Toyota Fortuner and the Toyota Hilux Revo are the best picks for adventurous trips to the northern areas and all kinds of terrains thanks to the powerful 4×4 engines.

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