Toyota Prado 2023 is Coming in August This Year

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2023 will make its first appearance in August, according to multiple sources out of Japan. Nonetheless, it will not be a newer generation but an upgraded version of the current Prado.

The Creative311 also suggests that the new Land Cruiser Prado will only be an improved version of the present model rather than an entirely new vehicle as previously speculated. On the other side, Toyota is expected to cease booking orders for the current Prado in the coming weeks.

The impending Prado upgrade, according to some sources, would include a reworked grille along with a fascia garnish with some minor color and material modifications in the interior.

Toyota’s 150 Series Prado has been in production for 13 years — since 2009, and in late 2017 the SUV received a major facelift, which still looked great despite the fact that it was based on the same old generation.

Production Issues

The next generation Prado has been pushed back from 2022 to 2024, according to a Japanese publisher Best Car, due to continued production issues.

Introducing Prado’s facelift may be Toyota’s only way out to continue with the production and sales.

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