Toyota to Add New GX Variant to the JDM Probox Lineup

Used JDM cars gave a much needed variety to our auto consumers ever since they re-appeared during the Musharraf era. Cars such as Toyota Vitz, Premio, Mitsubishi Pajero Mini and Daihatsu Mira to name a few, were among the most popular JDM cars in our market.In later years, we saw the influx of Lancer van, Nissan AD and of course the Toyota Probox.

Toyota Probox is a very cheap vehicle as far as the prices are concerned with 1.3L base model costing 1.491 million yen (PKR 23.29 lac) to up to 2.014 million yen (PKR 31.46 lac) for the flagship 1.5L 4WD model. The new GX fits into the middle at 1.790 million yen (PKR 27.96 lac). For style conscious buyers, there is also a TRD Sportivo package with front splitter, clear lights, and different 14-inch wheel designs.Other than Japan, Toyota Probox is sold in markets including Siberia, Myanmar & Jamaica while its being used with a left-hand drive conversion extensively as a taxi in Peru and probox 06 ”

Although these are classified as Light Commercial Vehicles in Japan and should not be confused with genuine station wagons or estate cars since they were intended to be sold as delivery vans for commercial purposes only.The Probox reaching our market in year 2010 and 2012 were the pre-facelift models, however the car was blessed with a thorough facelift in later years when the demands was subdued in our market hence newer ones never really appeared here in large numbers.Related: Toyota Hybrids- Highest Selling and the Most Fuel Efficient Among JDMsNow Toyota has revealed a new GX variant for the Probox range that will go on sale in Japan on the 6th of January 2022.Since the Probox is originally intended to be sold as commercial vehicle and not general public, everything it gets is just too basic. However the new GX variant will benefit from features such as power front windows, power-folding mirrors, music player. an AC100V/100W accessory outlet, and privacy glass.Currently, the Toyota Probox in Japan is available with a 1.3L petrol engine with 94 hp, a 1.5L petrol good for 107 hp as well

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