Toyota Unveils Hilux GR Sport 2022 to Compete With Ford Ranger Raptor

Toyota is manufacturing a more powerful midsize truck to compete against the Ford Ranger Raptor that will be launched on 22 February. Although the Hilux GR Sport variant has been available since late 2018, its more adventurous version is now getting extra power.

Engine and Power

The 2022 Hilux GR Sport has more fascinating details hidden under its hood. The 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine has been tweaked to produce 221 hp (165 kW) and 550 Nm (404 lb-ft) of torque.

These output figures reflect a 10 percent power upsurge compared to the standard pickup, which is a little more vigor than the previous Ranger Raptor as Ford is abandoning the diesel engine in favor of a petrol engine.

The Blue Oval’s truck is likely to be powered by an EcoBoost V6 which will give it more horsepower. While it is too early to discuss its torque, the Hilux GR Sport’s GD6 fuel-powered engine seems pretty powerful regardless.


Toyota will launch the beefed-up pickup in South Africa in May 2022. For now, it is unknown if the bulkier Hilux will be sold exclusively in South Africa or if it will be introduced in other countries as well. Given that the present model has been on the market for nearly seven years, it could be one of the final modifications for the eighth-generation Hilux.

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