Toyota Unveils the New Yaris, GT3 and Sporty bZ4X in Tokyo

Toyota recently presented three vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, including GRMN Yaris, the GT 3 concept, and bZ4X GR, that are previews of the future of sporty Toyotas — from motorsports to quick family transportation.

Toyota’s reputation has been based on automobiles that are dependable and capable rather than thrilling. With a succession of sports cars including the inexpensive and lightweight GR86, the all-powerful Supra, and the overseas-only rally car — the all-wheel-drive GR Yaris, the Japanese carmaker has finally showcased the fruit of the many years’ work of incorporating excitement into its offerings.

GR GT3 Concept

The strikingly designed GR GT3 concept foreshadows Toyota Gazoo Racing’s future in motorsports. For the uninitiated, Gazoo Racing is Toyota’s motorsport/racing division. Cars with GR in their name are modified by this division for better performance.

Toyota currently has a Supra with GT4 specification, but this incredible-looking prototype implies that a proper GT3 racing program could be on the way. While Toyota is silent about its inspiration for the GR GT3, the President of GR, Koji Sato, stated that a prototype will be on the road by the end of the year.

A tall hood, a towering back wing, a large rear diffuser, and numerous creases and vents comprise the design of the body of the GR GT3, and it also has an exhaust pipe jutting out behind the front wheels, which is indicative of its internal combustion.

GRMN Yaris

Toyota has also unveiled a modified hatchback rally car — the GRMN Yaris — of which only Japan will get 500 units.

The GRMN model is somewhat wider and low-set, and the automaker has saved about 44 pounds (19.95 kg) of its weight by removing the rear bench seats. They have been replaced with a cross-brace to improve the car’s rigidity, while the driver now sits in track-ready Recaro bucket seats.

It also has a mechanical limited-slip differential and a redesigned close-ratio gearbox, besides a massive wing that hangs off the back edge of the roof.

bZ4X GR Sport Concept

The bZ4X GR Sport concept was also revealed at the show, and it promises to be a performance version of Toyota’s forthcoming electric crossover. This concept, in particular, boasts wider wheels and blacked-out rims.

Toyota has not provided any technical details about this vehicle either, and while the GRMN Yaris will remain a distant dream, the bZ4X GR Sport may be put into production. Nonetheless, it will be way more interesting to see the GR GT3 prototype on the track in the near future.

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