Toyota’s Subsidiary Hino Admits to Deceiving Consumers for Years

Hino Motors, a subsidiary of Toyota that manufactures trucks and buses, has revealed that it has had considerable issues with testing and certifying emissions since 2016. It has halted its sales and deliveries and will commence recalls soon.

Hino Motors also produces the Land Cruiser Prado, FJ Cruiser, and Dyna trucks. The corporation has plants in Japan and Thailand, as well as in the United States where it only produces parts for Toyota. Some Isuzu vehicles use these parts in their engines as well.

The company officials revealed that the problem affects over 115,000 vehicles but it appears to be limited to facilities in Japan for now. In an attempt to lower emissions, Hino’s employees swapped critical components of the exhaust system to achieve the target levels.
Hino’s president describes the issue as “a failure to handle the pressure to reach numerical targets and to strictly adhere to schedules”.

The corporation was alerted by American authorities in 2018 that its trucks were substandard but it has chosen to begin recalls, momentarily halt sales, and collaborate with authorities to resolve the problems that have arisen as a result of the allegation after four years of neglecting them. This is crucial, and it could throw the manufacturer in financial jeopardy as it was questioned in 2016 if it had discovered any faked emissions data but had replied in the negative.

Interestingly, it occurred at the same time when Mitsubishi was being criticized for the exact problem Hino now has and was attempting to fix them.

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