Traffic Police Introduces a New Way to Make Driver’s License Process Transparent

Deputy Inspector General Traffic of the Punjab Police, Sohail Akhtar, said today that the process of obtaining a driver’s license has been computerized which will ensure transparency in professional matters and will also be convenient to the citizens.

The step was taken in accordance with the vision of Inspector General of Punjab Police, Rao Sardar Ali Khan, added Sohail.

DIG Traffic also stated that any kind of corruption for obtaining a driving license is unacceptable and the department will not delay in taking strict legal actions against any official found involved in such irregularities.

Commenting on the matter of transparency, DIG Traffic stated that state of the art cameras will be installed in the driving test area which will record the entire process and directed all the District Traffic Officers (DTOs) to spend only two hours in their offices and spend the rest of the time in the field.

Sohail added that the driving test will be conducted two days a week and DTOs will remain in the field for four hours in order to control accidents.

Furthermore, he said that driving tests for commercial vehicles will not be conducted in the absence of DTOs and Rs. 10,000 will be given to any person who highlights or provides proof of corruption. Medical certificates, Sohail said, will not be forged and compliance with SOPs will be ensured in all cases.

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