United to Discontinue Bravo and Alpha

United Motors is planning to discontinue the 800cc Bravo and 1000cc Alpha hatchbacks. It is rumored that the company will shift back its focus on 2- and 3-wheeler production, thus wrapping up its operations of 4-wheeler business.

The Bravo was launched back in September 2018 as an alternative to Suzuki Mehran, however due to its build quality issues and limited nationwide network the car wasn’t able to become a success as much as it was anticipated. Sources also say that United was not satisfied with quality standards of Dahe, the principal responsible for producing the DH350s due to which there has been no supply of the CKD kits since a long time.

United to Discontinue Bravo and Alpha 1

However the company is yet unable to get rid of the stocks it already have. Interestingly however, United has been increasing the price of Bravo in regular intervals despite no new kits being imported. The company was also supposed to launch Punjnad commercial pickup, but that move never materialized. Plus an automatic variant of Bravo was supposed to be launched in Q1, 2020 but that never happened too.

In January 2021, United launched the 1000cc Alpha hatchback which was originally a first-gen Chery QQ facelift, that was discontinued in China several years ago. Sources say, United’s move to approach Chery was also because of its dissatisfaction with Dahe regarding the quality issues of Bravo hatchback. At the launch ceremony, the company officials revealed plans to introduce more (Chery branded) vehicles in Pakistan including sedan, SUVs and vans, as well as an electric version of United Alpha that was supposed to help the company position itself to benefit from the new EV policy.

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