Volkswagen ID.4 Pro 70-MPH Highway Range Test

It’s the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro’s turn for the InsideEVs 70-mph highway range test. Kyle and Jordan actually ran 70-mph range tests on the ID.4 Pro and a Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 Edition simultaneously and we posted the results of the Mach-E’s test a few days ago.

We’ve already done our 70-mph range test on an ID.4, but that was a 1st Edition which has a combined EPA range rating of 250 (402 km) miles per charge. The ID.4 Pro S (Statement) also has an EPA range rating of 250 miles, but the base model, the ID.4 Pro is a little lighter and has a more efficient tire/wheel package, and is rated at 260 miles (418 km). Therefore, we wanted to test out the longest-range ID.4 and see if it really goes further than the 1st Edition.

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On our 1st Edition test which I performed, we finished up with 230 miles (370 km) driven, but the state of charge was still at 2% and the vehicle showed an estimated 4 remaining miles of range. During these range tests, it’s very hard to time the distance to the DC fast charge station perfectly with when the state of charge reaches zero. On that test, I arrived with 2% state of charge remaining. We’ve gotten pretty good at getting it nearly perfect, but on that range test, I still had a little left in the battery. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough to drive to the next exit 5 miles away and turn around, so I had to end it at 2% SOC.

Jordan was driving the ID.4 and finished up with 229 miles (369 km), only 1 mile less than what my ID.4 1st Edition test ended with. However, this was the ID.4 Pro, and it should have been able to go a little further. While the combined EPA range rating for the ID.4 Pro is 260 (418 km) miles, the highway EPA range rating is 237.1 miles (381.5 km).

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