VW And Art Design Students Imagine Future EVs And Mobility

Volkswagen has recently concluded its first-ever “Long Distance Mobility and Living Space” project to imagine the future of mobility. The automaker’s major west coast innovation hub, the Innovation and Engineering Center California (IECC), worked with the Academy of Art University to deliver immersive, hands-on professional experiences for its students.

There were 30 students who participated in the project coming from the School of Industrial Design, Interior Architecture Design, Graphic Design, Fashion, Advertising, and Web New Media. The project explored mobility concepts for long-distance travelers.

IECC, on the other hand, welcomes the collaboration, taking fresh insights from the students. The global Volkswagen Group Innovation joined the project as well. IECC stands as a dedicated center for researching innovations in mobility, applied artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems.

The project was divided to five teams with the aim to design a seamless mobility experience inspired by the vast American landscape. Inevitably, electric vehicles and autonomous mobility were two of the major subjects of the nifty concepts.

All of the student projects are available for viewing via a dedicated microsite. Probably one of our favorites would be Orbis, which you can view on the video embedded atop this page. This project is designed for business travelers looking to achieve a work-life balance.

Urban Cowboy, on the other hand, is a representation of passion for adventure and admiration for cowboy culture, demonstrating sustainable long-distance travel. The X Hubs imagine an eco-conscious and family-friendly resting place for long-distance travelers to recharge and reconnect.

After a judgment from a panel of judges and representatives from Volkswagen of America, five individual students, each from one individual major across all teams, get to receive part of a scholarship fund donated by the company.

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