VW Beetle-Inspired ORA Ballet Cat Launched in China

The highly anticipated ORA Ballet Cat has been finally launched in China. The car made headlines due to its striking resemblance with the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, ever since it first appeared in patent drawings in 2021 along with the Punk Cat concept at the Shanghai Auto Show from a couple of years ago.

ORA is a sub brand under Great Wall Motors (GWM), the same company responsible for making Haval brand of crossovers. According to GWM, the ORA Ballet Cat is exclusively aimed at women not only because of the colors or aesthetics, but some special women-specific features.


As seen before, the design of Ballet Cat is largely inspired by the iconic VW Beetle but with some modifications of course. The most obvious is the presence of rear doors, since the original Beetle had only 2 doors. Plus ORA is essentially an electric-vehicle brand so the Ballet Cat is an EV which means there is no engine & transmission but just a battery and a motor.

Exterior of ORA Ballet Cat

In terms of design the Ballet Cat has loads of retro-inspired styling mimicking those on the original Beetle, for example the bumpers, vintage looking chrome alloy wheels, similar VW-like door handles and those bulging side mirrors. However the Ballet Cat is larger than it seems, measuring 4,401/1,880/1,633mm with a 2,750 wheelbase. Compared to this the new Beetle measured 4,278/1,808/1,486 with a 2,537 wheelbase.

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