Will MG3 Still Cost Under PKR 2.0 Million?

MG3 is probably the most talked-about car in Pakistan without any presence in the market whatsoever. The hatchback’s claim to fame was the tweet by Javed Afridi in February 2021, captioned “Less than 2.0 million!?” which created a buzz among the auto enthusiasts & media alike regarding arrival of a quality small car against a very decent price tag.

Since that tweet, it has been more than 16 months now that the wait for MG3 continues. Though Javed Afridi often teases about various MG cars on his social handles, only MG HS and ZS crossovers have so far been introduced in the market, whereas a number of other vehicles were imported for testing purposes, the left-hand driven examples of which were seen on display in various MG dealerships across the country.

MG3 gallery3

In March this year, Afridi again hinted that local assembled MG3, MG5 and MG Gloster will be launched in Pakistan soon. And now in his latest tweet Javed Afridi shared a video of MG3 while again asking the public to ‘guess’ the vehicle and ‘suggest its price’ for Pakistan.

A lot has been changed since MG3’s first “under 2.0 million” tweet in February 2021, currency devaluation, rising shipping costs, added taxes and tighter bank financing amid volatile economic situation of the country. Cars such as the new Suzuki Swift which falls in the same league of that of MG3, cost Rs 3.3 million and is way above the originally anticipated price of MG3. Hence its highly unlikely for MG3 to be introduced in such a low price tag today.

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