Yamaha Announces Another Huge Increase in Bike Prices

Yamaha has announced the second price hike for 2022 immediately after Atlas Honda. The prices have increased by up to Rs. 10,500.

Effective from April 1, the following shall be the prices of Yamaha bikes:

BikesCurrent Prices (Rs.)Revised Prices (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
YB-125Z DX216,000226,00010,000
YBR-125G Limited235,000245,00010,000

The previous price hike came in February 2022, which saw Yamaha increase its prices by up to Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 12,000 — its largest one-time hike in several months.

Motorcycle dealerships have confirmed that more price hikes are expected due to increasing raw material costs and depreciation in the local currency.

Bike manufacturing has been localized by up to 94 percent in Pakistan, which leaves little reason for the prices to increase on such a frequent basis and by such huge margins.

The price hikes may be justified if the manufacturers add upgrades to their bikes other than just stickers and a new paint job. But as is common knowledge, even Yamaha has been selling the same old products with no improvements since its return to Pakistan about 6 years ago.

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