Yamaha Increase Bike Prices for the 5th Time in 2021

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Regardless of circumstances, Pakistan’s two-wheeler industry doesn’t hold back from the tradition of multiple and frequent prices hikes. Once again, Yamaha has announced a massive increase in the prices of its bikes.

The prices have increased by up to Rs. 7,000 and will take effect on December 1, 2021. The new prices are as follows:

MotorcyclesCurrent Price (PKR)Revised Price (PKR)Price Increase (PKR)
YB 125 Z184,000190,0006,000
YB 125 Z DX198,500205,5007,000
YBR 125204,000211,0007,000
YBR 125 G213,500220,5007,000

Motorcycle manufacturers have not missed a single opportunity during the last two years to increase the prices of their bikes, citing issues such as the increase in raw material rates and turbulence of the local currency against the US Dollar as the reasons for the hikes.

Yamaha has increased the prices of its entire lineup for the 5th time this year. From Yamaha in particular, the price hikes have been huge, as between January 2021 till the present, the prices have surged by up to Rs. 30,500. ALSO READ Decision to Close CNG Stations in Sindh Rejected

With the end of 2021 drawing closer, the current price hike from Yamaha is also likely to initiate another wave of price hikes from other bike manufacturers, irrespective of any significant changes in the market.

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