YouTuber Who Terrorized Nature With Ram TRX Fined $53K

‘I won’t be driving in a creek anytime soon.’
YouTuber Street Speed 717 first caught our attention last year when he jumped over a Hummer with a previous-generation Ford F-150 Raptor (the video is no longer available). Just a few months later, in January this year, he published a video with a Ram TRX that went viral. If you are looking for that video now, it’s no longer available too, and there’s a very good explanation for that.

In March 2021, we reported that the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission noticed the stunt with the performance truck and charged him with no fewer than 18 courts, with two of them being for disturbance of waterways and watersheds, plus six counts for pollution of waters. As York Daily Record reports, Michael Hyssong, the guy behind the Street Speed 717 channel on YouTube, was recently ordered to pay $53,000 in restitution.

“I had no idea it was illegal to drive through a creek,” Hyssong told the publication. “I’m an outdoors guy. I hike and I’ve never even littered in my life. I’m not the type to destroy natural resources. I won’t be driving in a creek anytime soon.”

The interesting thing about the case is that the video which caught the authorities’ attention was filmed on a private farm. However, in the Pennsylvania state, as The Drive explains, all “legally navigable” streams and rivers are considered public property by the law. The stream named Doe Run Creek that appeared in the videos is also considered a navigable waterway, and this basically means it’s illegal to damage it.

Hyssong was reportedly called to court on August 24 where he was represented by lawyer Brian Perry. If his name rings a bell in your head, he is the same lawyer who defended Bill Cosby in a rape conviction appeal. Hyssong will reportedly join Pennsylvania’s ARD program to get the crimes off his record. According to York Daily Record, he has already paid the $53,000 fine.

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